Residential Roofing Experts Since 1928

A new roof on your home can increase curb appeal and add value, and not to mention protect your investment. At Ralph Burke Roofing, we use our three generations of experience and expertise in the field to guide you in your roofing choices and to determine what type of shingle is best for your roofing project.

We offer a number of top named roofing shingles such a Certainteed and GAF, both made in the USA as well as many other types of roofing to meet any roofing challenge:

  • Architectural shingles in 20 plus designer colors to add style to your home
  • Traditional roof shingles in designer colors offering performance, classic detailing, and a traditional appeal
  • Premium Designer shingles adding aesthetic beauty to your home’s appearance
  • High quality rubber roofing for residential low slope and flat roofing needs

In roofing, it’s not just the product you choose that determines the quality and longevity of your roof – it’s also the Installation. We at Ralph Burke follow the best practices on each job: ensuring all old material are stripped off, and that your existing decking is clean, solid, and well nailed.

Although many contractors use a nail gun to attach shingles – we strongly believe in hand nailing to ensure that the shingle is properly affixed. Nail guns tend to over penetrate shingles leaving gaps compromising the shingle whereas hand nailing takes more care with the product and ensures the integrity of each shingle leaving you with a more secure roof.

We understand you have many choices in roofing contractors; we hope you choose Ralph Burke Roofing for your roofing needs. Have a leak that you can’t find a solution to? Do your gutters need to be replaced? Time for a new roof? Contact us today for a no pressure, no risk, free estimate.